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Daily Surf Video Report Surf Cam Bali

Thursday, April 2, 2020 138 Comments 628 Likes
Likes 138 Comments

A daily surf video report surf cam from Bali (Bukit)

Shot in video camera and edited to help you choose where to surf.

In the dry season we shoot Bingin, Impossibles, Dreamland and Padang Padang (when it’s breaking). And we shoot Nusa Dua and sometimes Green Bowls in the wet season.Your most reliable and fun surf cam in Bali.

Likes 138 Comments

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  1. Mate if you could film Nusa Dua each day, main break and keep the camera still your channel will boom there’s cameras at most other breaks they show what the swell is doing…
    You have a great channel, to show the actual break without the camera jumping around everywhere would be so good. (Yes I’m being lazy and just want to check Nusa from the comfort of my bed in the morning haha!)
    Peace 🤙🏼

  2. This is great, thank you. Is this Nusa Dua beach area? I am there from tomorrow until the 8th, can you walk to the different spots within Nusa Dua or do you need a scooter? Thanks again.

  3. Hi !
    Thanks for the report every day !
    Of course it can be better, but it’s all good, enough to take the right board to have some fun??
    Thanks a lot to Nusa surfwear report team?

    • We just got a new cameraman as the previous one received a call from Hollywood. This new one is a camerawoman and she says she can do everything a man does. We’ll give her a few days to show so. Let’s root for her!

  4. Guys,,, seriously,, get a new cameraman! One who knows about waves. And one who can hold camera still and straight. Sorry, but this is terrible. You used to have great footage, so it would be great to see you get back to your epic video reports.

    • Hi Michael,

      Geger and Elevators are the spots that we shoot so you can have an idea of the waves.
      The hotel resort area in Nusa Dua also has a few breaks that vary in quality and power depending on swell, tides, etc. You will certainly find good surf there. Easy access and easy to find!

      • Gezz everybody is a critic huh…
        Well me too. 😀
        Darling, Only one coffee in The morning should reduce the jitters & shakes.
        If still partying have a neat shot before filming to calm the hands.
        Works for me.
        One more thing.
        Elevators might be easiest to shoot but please, please focus more on the right hand peak, it is a right hander after all.

        Keep up the good work!

  5. Hey guys,

    First i wanna say thanx for your great video report every day. And then i wanna ask you if you can recommend some good spots on the east cost which are suitable for beginner and intermediate surfers. Is there any beach break or semi reef e.g. which is on now in october?

    Thank you so much,


    • Hi Seb,
      This time of the year (in between seasons) when the winds blow from the south, your best bet is to get up early in the morning and check if the winds are not up yet. On the bukit, there is a couple of spots on the Nusa Dua hotel complex where waves can be good for beginners, intermediate and when it’s on, waves there can get super good. Green Balls on the south side may have what you are looking for if the swell is not big.
      Further north, check Serangan and Ketewel.
      But the truth is that with the right conditions almost any spot can be good for beginners/intermediate. It all depends on swell height, wind and tide. Get yourself a copy of Indo Surf & Lingo. It’s a must-have for surfers no matter their level on their first trip to Bali or Indo. This awesome guide details all popular/known spots in Bali with wave descriptions and best conditions to surf them. It also does not mention less known waves so it will help you explore and save you a lot of time. Highly recommended. We have it at our shops or you can find it at any reputable surf shop in Bali.

      Have a good surf Seb and keep enjoying!

  6. Great site guys! I’m heading over to kuta/legian on the weekend and I’ll be checking this out everyday to see if it’s worth driving around if it’s too cross shore and solid at kuta/canggu

    • Hi Julia,
      Do you know the hotel area of Nusa Dua? There is a long beach there with a good wave for beginner level. You will find it when you arrive on the beach and see the surfboards rental places. Have a good time in the water!

    • Yes we were also waiting for this swell! Unfortunately it look like the swell is a little bit messy as you can see on this morning report. Maybe this is why the swell is not as big as the forecast were saying.

  7. Hi guys, great site, love just watching the waves and its a cool music track. I’ll be in Nusa Dua in a few days, do you rent surfboards or can you recommend where to hire a decent surfboard and or bodyboard from and can you also suggest a good left hand wave for an intermediate level surfer in the area
    Thanks in advance if you reply

    • Hey Tim,
      We rent surfboards at our surf shop in Ungasan (short ride from Nusa Dua)
      Here is the location Nusa Surf Shops

      For a left-hander for intermediate level, you should check the beaches on the Nusa Dua hotels complex. They are close to one another and you will find what you are looking for there.

      Thanks for liking what we do. We do too!

    • Thanks Axel,

      Super fun yesterday and today looks like it will be the same. Look out for spots where you will surf by yourself or just a handful of guys. Crazy uh? But true. Right Charlie?

  8. Is there a new (non surfer) filming the waves lately , for example today .., a 2:08 minute clip in total, but with 1:56 minutes filmed in areas that that nothing to do with the break of nusa dua .., and then12 seconds of sloppy crud is filmed on the break (without even waiting for a set to film) – and its given a 3 star rating instead of negative 10 ? .., not complaining its free. Maybe come friendly guidance to the camera man is required, as it is the same effort involved to make the clips worthwhile – just saying 🙂

  9. hello, I would like to thank for the videos. With the daily videos you offer me great surf opportunities or save me time and disappointment in bad days like today. Keep iy up 🙂 congratulations!

  10. Your videos are much appreciated – thanks. I can be either be much more or much less productive now each day as the video either encourages me to get on with work or drop everything and get out there.

  11. Good tip, I checked your YouTube archive and it is really interesting to see the changing conditions .. sort of like time lapse videography so thanks for that. I have to head back to the freezer compartment (vic, Aus ) but now will enviously be checking your daily reports from home. cheers

  12. Thanks for your report. You saved me time by not having to check conditions for myself and it meant there was one less car fanging down the road. BUT There’ll be trouble if I find out it was actually pumping and you put up an archive video of flat conditions so you could have uncrowded waves to yourself?!?! nah all good, thanks again

    • Hey TJ. Longboarding in Bingin is probably best at higher tides and small to medium size swells. Impossibles will give you long nice rides on the right swell and conditions. Have fun!

  13. It looks like the onshore wind which is usual in the wet season hasn’t come this year. All the Forecasts suggest SE wind. Is this true, has it been a strange year for wind?

    • Yes. Very strange. They say it’s related to “El Niño – La Niña” weather transformations. It rained a bit in December and then it hasn’t rained at all. Normally we would be in full on wet season… Goofy footers are relishing. Regular footers are waking up early to find some right-handers with glassy conditions.

    • Wind can come from any direction and change at any time of the day (as it has) . This year due to the el nino, the wind is all over the place and is unpredictable more than ever …., You will find It’s always offshore at the beach “Bar” though :p

    • Are you referring to today’s report on the 14/Sept/15, Brian? If so, maybe your computer is playing a trick on you so it is not showing first panning take of Impossibles and Bingin? So it is not showing that there is nobody at Impossibles? So it is not showing that Bingin is good? So it is not showing a surfer getting a deep barrel at Bingin? We would hardly call that guy a beginner. Too bad our hard work is not of your liking, Brian.

  14. I much liked the sound of the wind (on the video) and not that farting synthesizer noise , there already too much techno doof doof on the bukit already LOL

    • Hi monkey. There’s been a few times where we got the dates mixed up but definitely not many. It could be that your browser is opening the page’s cache. Try clearing your browser’s cache and then refresh the page. That should do the trick. This link may help: Thanks for the support levi.

  15. The other day Kenny came by the shop: “I check your video reports every morning from where I stay in nusa dua, and since I need a pair of boardshorts I figured I would stop by your shop and support you guys. And man, you guys have some awesome stuff here”. Thanks Kenny. Show us your support guys. Like and Share our site, like our posts on fb and share them too. And come by nusa store to say hi and check what we do. Cheers to all! nusa team

    • The paradox of the globalization era: so close yet so far… We hope our reports keep the stoke burning so you can be in our surf vid reports soon! Keep enjoying old surfer…

  16. Its a comedy to see how many idiots either paddle in front of a surfer riding a wave (because they are too lazy to go behind the up and riding surfer and duckdive through the whitewater) …,and then these idiots get run over in the process ….., or the other comedy is seeing how many other idiots down the the line will paddle for someone else,s wave thus causing the lip to prematurely crumble and ruin the guys wave in the process – Take note Eggheads !

  17. We have recently moved to a server located in the United States to provide all our international viewers with a faster download experience. Your feedback is very important to us! Please let us know if you notice a download difference and tell us where you are located. Thanks. Peace.

  18. We are testing to post Your Surf Video Report from the Bukit, Bali in different formats. Apparently today’s (10-july) is not working with some browsers even if our research guaranteed it would… Let us know if it is working with your browser.

    • Thanks for the input Trevor. Strange, we can view it quite fast here and like you said it is Bali connection (however the server is also in Bali). But we will try your suggestion to see the results.

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