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NUSA new gear has been at our shops in the Bukit and Ubud already and it is now at our e-shop.

Those of you that follow us through social media have probably seen our newest surf clothing collection 2019. Those of you that don’t, well here it is.

(If you want to follow us, here is our social media: Facebook, Instagram)

NUSA surf clothing 2019-20, a collection where we keep on bringing originality and design into quality functionality in our range of surf and casual wear. It came out very nice!



4-way stretch batik boardshorts (“KALIMANTAN”)

2-way cotton stretch solid colors boardshorts (“ZANZIBAR”)

Quick-dry microfiber batik boardshorts(“KWON2”)



2-way polyester stretch walkboards (“FLOWER POWER” )


Long-sleeve cotton batik shirts (‘KUTA COWBOY”)

Short-sleeve cotton batik shirts (“FLOWER POWER”)





Surf-art cotton t-shirts (“CLASSIC, “JIMBARAN”, “KUTA BEACH”)



High-performance long-sleeve rashguards (“STAPLE LONG-SLEEVE”)

High-performance short-sleeve rashguards (“STAPLE SHORT-SLEEVE”)


High-performance swimming briefs (nylon, “SUNGA SWIMMING”)

High-performance yoga briefs (nylon, “SUNGA YOGA”)

For this campaign, Wayan, Pablo and Felipe came along. Thanks guys!


Felipe is a long-time Bukit surfer and resident. He is also a spear fishing enthusiast. This entrepreneur is also a barrel master.

Wayan is a father and a lifeguard in Pandawa. This fight cock breeder is a goofy footer. Always smiling, always welcoming. He cracked us all up during the photo shoot.

From Argentina to Canggu. Pablo is a surfer, a successful entrepreneur and an amazing martial arts expert.


Come by our shops in Ungasan and Ubud, Bali to check our newest 2019 threads or visit our e-shop to order your NUSA surf clothing before we are out of stock!
Our clothing is not mass produced and our runs are small.

Thanks for liking what we do. We do too!

The People at Nusa.


The design of this collection’s campaign was inspired by the Then & Now Youtube channel.

A channel for western philosophy enthusiasts.


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We like them too!



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