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NUSA new gear is already at our shops in the Bukit and Ubud!
This is our new campaign.

Those of you who follow us on our social media have probably already seen our new “WE ARE SURFERS” campaign. Those of you that don’t, well here it is. Follow us to stay up-to-date with NUSA, DEBALI and NUSA SURF SHOPS.


The American & The Russian

we want peace, waveswe seek truth, light off-shore winds


Charlie is 52 and from Los Angeles, California.

His surfing is “…smoother, more powerful and more flowing than it has ever been…”.

He started surfing regularly in 1982. So he has been surfing for a while. He has paid his dues. He chose a surfer’s life and he puts it this way, “Surfing isn’t just surfing, and I am not ‘a surfer’ because that is not all of ‘who I am’ and yet, I love the vitality and action of going surfing and have worked really hard getting good at it. I am proud of that and put in a lot of time doing so- so I have earned the respect I give myself and ask from others.”.

Working in online marketing allows him to schedule his work around the swells and tide, and Charlie is as stoked at surfing as he was when he first started, and that probably has to do with how he understands the world and himself better.  “The Ocean is alive, it is a living organism … and so are we … For us all and our future to survive and thrive, it is important we meditate on this until we understand it; that we are truly interdependent on all that is around us for life.  If we fail to understand this, we risk the great gift that life is for now and any potential future. Surfing helped me to understand this, and has been of great service to me because of that lesson.”

He has been coming, going and staying in Bali for seven years.  Lately he has been seeking to “get consistently above the lip with my turns” and “to get better in the barrel, deeper” and “to becoming more tolerant”.

In the rainy season he has been surfing a new spot between Nusa Dua and Nyang Nyang. And in the dry season he has been surfing a mostly-closeout left around the corner from XXXXXXXX.

His piece of advice to you, “surfing in and of itself may not really mean anything; maybe surfing doesn’t matter at all.  But, what we do with it and through it can mean a great deal”,


“Ride a single fin on occasion.  See what it does for your surfing.”

His final words:

“Thanks to those of you who already show proper respect.  May you be blessed with many waves.”.

Get a hold of Charlie here and here.



Nikita has made Jimbaran, Bali his home away from his native home, Moscow for a few years already.

He is a friendly, quiet and smiley goofy footer who loves to surf Impossibles during the dry season and Pandawa during the rainy months.

He is fortunate enough to be able to do online work that allows him to stay and surf in Bali.

He is 30 years old and has been surfing for 6 years now.

His life as a surfer is taking evermore hold of him. His surfing is, as he puts it, “good enough” and is at the moment focusing on the “right techniques”  and on improving his maneuvers and developing new ones.

Surfing and learning from “the American” will certainly take his surfing to a new level.

we pray for plenty, uncrowded waveswe prefer substance over image, glassy over choppy


The Latin Americans

we love to travles, waveswe want wholesome foods, to not eat it on the reef


Raimundo, 34,  aka Huevo sold his moving company (where he was the manager and truck driver) three years ago, invested his money wisely, and has since made Bali his home. He does the online marketing for Orchid Hotel in Ungasan in exchange for food and accomodation.

Most of the time you will find him surfing at Uluwatu or Pandawa, or befriending people at The Cashew Tree, Single Fin or Tinder.

He started surfing 16 years ago in Chile’s frigid waters. Being from Santiago, his surfing time was limited so Bali’s tropical consistent surf has given him the opportunity to gain consistency while “focusing on having fun and discovering new lines and power while being in control.”.



You would not think so by the ease and lead that he showed once the camera started clicking, but Algimiro is a quiet, anassuming guy. It’s a pity. It’s a pity because his music could get a lot more attention otherwise. Check it out: Cellomano (we love this one) or get in touch with him here.

Algimiro came to Bali from his native Venezuela (Isla Margarita) on a music studies scholarship 6 years ago. He lives in Ubud where he keeps developing his music talent. He may surf around the area, but mostly, he doesn’t mind getting on his bike and riding all the way to the Bukit to surf his favorite spots, Uluwatu and Green Balls.

As a surfer, he is also unassuming: “My surfing level is up and down, depends on my mood. I focus on the set waves, stay at the peak.” And while he is perfecting his barreling skills, at Nusa we know him for his stylish bottom turns and floaters.



Rodrigo’s father belongs to the early generations of Brazilians surfers, “my father was a surfer, so I probably started surfing since I was a spermatozoon.”, says the 35-year-old native from Guarujá, São Paulo.

Aside from being an accomplished surfer, Rodrigo is an online entrepreneur working in the Brazilian movie industry where he applies his skills as photographer and visual media creator.

He has been in Bali for a long time and lives in Balangan. However, he has taken his time to explore and says his favorite spots during the dry and wet season are both secret spots.

His surfing at the moment is “soul-surfer mood, focusing on understanding the connection with the waves and surfing as an active meditation practice.”

And his message: “You can only understand it if you live it! #staypositive #believe #followyourdreams #savetheplanet”

we crave to travel, to surfwe seek honest media, secret spots


The Indonesian

we like togetherness, good vibes on the waterwe appreciate clean environment, clean swells


Hardly needing introduction, Komang is one of the most friendly rippers on the Bukit.

He is a hard-working Balinese from Medewi who as shop sales manager in BGS (across from our shop in Ungasan) meets many tourists and residents alike.

Always friendly and willing to give a hand, Komang also rips in the water making it hard for photographers to shoot close ups with his out-of-frame-and-into-the-sky airs.

At the “WE ARE SURFERS” photoshoot, we also discovered his penchant for making Balinese dance moves and faces that had us all cracking up.

He is 22 and started surfing at 11, “half of my whole life!”, he says laughing.

When asked about his favorite spots he pretty much mentions all spots on the Bukit, “I love to surf everywhwere.”, he says. “I am now focusing on big turns and barrels but mainly having fun and good vibes.”

“I love my people, culture and reality when people are real, respectfull and help each other.”

Get in touch with Komang on Facebook or Instagram.

we carve our future, lines on the waterwe choose tolerance, a surfers life


The South African

sometimes we lie, we drop in on people


Hailing from South Africa, Rowan works as a marketing consultant which allows him to work online. Without too much of a second thought, he decided to relocate from his native Durban to Bali. And, like many surfers, chose the Bukit.

He is 29 and has been surfing for 14 years.

His favorite spots are Padang Padang, Temples and Mushroom Rock and Pandawa during the rainy season.

He takes a philosophical approach to his surfing, “I try to focus on being present, and not getting tied down onto what turns I need to practice or how I am surfing, i just wanna have fun.”

we are humans, surfers


It was challenging to get this mix of surfers for our campaign “WE ARE SURFERS”.  At the same time, it was great to get their support and good vibes. Thanks guys.

At nusa we strive to bring originality and a wider meaning to the surf industry and to what it means to be a surfer. If you agree or like our pathos, show us your support by liking or sharing our campaign “WE ARE SURFERS”.

Stay real.

(Our new gear is already at our shops but still not available at our e-shop.
We are working on it to bring you a better e-shopping experience.
We will keep you updated)

And thanks for liking what we do. We do too.

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