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Thursday, June 30, 2016 2 Comments 5 Likes
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WASAMARA artwear is now at our NUSA SURF SHOPS

We are excited to announce that WASAMARA art wear is now available at our shops in the Bukit and Ubud!

Wasamara is a unique and original clothing line created by Argentinean artist, surfer and Bali resident Rafa. (Learn more about Rafa and his art here.)

Colorful and intense, Wasamara artwear is inspired by Rafa’s own art. It’s designed, developed and created in Bali. In line with our own brands, nusa and debali, Wasamara is supported by and supports Bali’s garment cottage industry.


Come to our shops to check Wasamara’s line of cotton and bamboo t-shirts…


…and Wasamara’s line of cotton stretch and microfiber stretch boardshorts.


If you are not in Bali, order online from Wasamara’s own e-shop

If you are in Bali, find Wasamara art wear at our shops here.


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