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Roses Des Vents Board Socks 1

16th June 2015 – Bali, Indonesia

(Press Release by Roses des Vents )


ROSES DES VENTS is pleased to announce the release of the new website,, designed with a fresh new look and user-friendly navigation, updated with the latest information about our surf sock.

...About Roses des Vents:

We are a handmade Surf Sock Company based in Bali, Indonesia since January 2015. Local manufacturers make all designs and Production in Bali.

-Roses des vents- is the result of beautiful help from our friends (sewers, designers, photographers, just frienRoses Des Vents Board Socks 3ds) bringing
Roses Des Vents Board Socks 3their talent, smiles and support.


We are surfers, travelers, but most of all lovers of the sea. We follow the wind and look for waves, follow the flow by finding our own balance in life.

We decided to specialize in day use surfboards socks, for transportation to and from the beach to keep them safe from dings. When loading up after a surf session, the sock will prevent from water, salt, wax and sand to damage your car or inside home and protect your board from dings and scratches.

Our board bag/surf sock is designed to make your surfboard look good and safe when out of the water. Wear roses des vents, and your surfboard will never again go unnoticed!

Roses des Vents

Roses des Vents

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Or come and check them out at our NUSA STORE on the Bukit.

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