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NUSA SURF SHOP IN UBUD (thanks to you)

Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2 Comments 4 Likes
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NUSA SURF SHOP IN UBUD (thanks to you)

We have opened our second NUSA SURF SHOP!

In Ubud!

(and we want to thank you for it)

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 (It was high time the people in Ubud had the chance to get some of our original, hand-made surf and casual clothing and accessories.)

We are happy…

You see, we are happy because opening a second shop is a real tangible sign that we are growing. Growing as brands and growing as a business. That, in turn, means that our original ideas, original designs and hard work are paying off. And that, friends and family, suppliers, associates and customers, our site’s browsers, and competitors, could have not been achieved without you.

Life is a continuous flow of change and exchange. A flow of non-stop interaction between people and between people and the environment. A constant sharing of ideas and opinions. A flow of work and play. This constant flow of interaction is what allows great and small ideas to take shape. It’s what allows art to flourish. It’s what allows change to take place. It’s what allows traditions to survive. It’s what allows businesses to thrive. It’s what allows money to flow and go round.

When you, our friend, share your ideas and feedback with us, our own ideas change and grow.  When you, our supplier, provide us with the right and first quality materials and deliver on time, our products and operations become of a better quality. When you, our associate, work with us on marketing or retail cooperation, both our businesses enrich each other. When you, our customer, purchase one of our nusa or debali clothing items or any item from our associates, a few things happen: first and foremost, we love that you like what we do. We do too. And then, money flows to our suppliers, to our associates, to our business so we can grow and to all of us in the team so we can treat our friends, family and ourselves to a good dinner and some wax to go surfing.  When you, random visitor, browse our site, you are helping us grow our audience and fan base. And when you, our small or big competitor, get inspired by our designs, articles, concept or slogans, we know even more that we are onto something original and so we’ll keep on coming up with more original material to keep on growing and thus enjoy even more good dinners.

So yes, we are very happy to share this news with you!

…and we want to thank you for it.

15% Percent off at Nusa Surf Shop in Ubud

We will be giving you a 15% discount on any purchase at our new Nusa surf shop in Ubud until the first of December 2015. Share this article with friends and family via e-mail or social media and tell us when you come in that you are “happy to be a nusa and debali fan and supporter”.

And don’t forget to bring your “nusa and debali people” card to get an extra 10% off your final total. If you don’t have it, ask us how to get it.

(you can also use other social media links at the end of this article)

That’ll do the trick.

Where in Ubud?

Visit us our new Nusa Store Ubud on Jl. Goutama Selatan # 25. Look for our iconic façade with iron wood steps and name sign, and our green door frame and nusa letters.

nusa surf shop in ubud at night

And discover the inside.

(We already have some board racks inside and batik boards are being shaped and will be on the way soon.  More surf boards will be added little by little.)

The nusa and debali people

Ps: Check it on google maps: Jl. Goutama Selatan # 25

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  1. I will be in Ubud this summer for a week and am looking for a surf guide for hire to take me to the closest break on the east side of Bali every morning. Do you have anyone in Ubud who can accommodate me?