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NUSA and DEBALI – 2015

Monday, March 16, 2015 3 Comments 7 Likes
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At nusa and debali inspiration is non-stop and we keep on creating awesome clothing for free-thinking people.
Our 2014 collections have already been at nusa store for a few months now and people are loving them. Pay us a visit on the Bukit, Bali and find out for yourself.

If you are somewhere else in this small wide world, get in touch with us at and and order your next nusa or debali threads.
The 2014 collections are not up on the site yet.  They will be. Sometime.

The catalogs:

It was Intan’s turn to get behind the lens. She did a great job. Our models Kara and headless Diego felt at ease with her. Back in the office, Welda jumped on his swiveling chair, jumped back up, got a coffee and jumped back on. He massaged his fingers and wrists, focused his eyes on the monitor and showed off his graphic design skills turning the team’s ideas into digital media.

They came out… well, see for yourself.

And here’s another taste of nusa:  Sheek, sheek. Sheek, sheek

nusa and debali

inspired by bali – surf – life

don’t let the soft machine work you up.

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  1. Awesome guys! It’s refreshing to see independent surf-oriented brands giving something different and soul-full. Can’t wait to see the e-shop ready! Good job!

  2. Cheers Federico. Working on the e-shop at Bali-time and between swells. In the meantime you can send us an e-mail with your request of nusa and debali and we’ll get it shipped to the UK…