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After over a year of working on NUSA’S website, we finally have it online.

A year to prepare a website is a long time. Yet a year in Balinese terms may not mean a year at all. You see, in Bali, time is distorted in magical ways, apprehended in even stranger, surreal waysas. Like the six-year-old that asks his mum to please not to forget to wake him up at six in the morning so he can get down to his first grade homework of reading the time on six different drawn out clocks and writing it down correctly due that same day, in the afternoon; or the first-time stoner riding the elevator down five stories but feeling he is riding the highest of Beijing’s skyscrapers with the slowest of the Parisian lifts, Bali has a weird approach to time. In Bali time is incommensurable. It is a scam. A transvestite. At best, an extremely subjective concept similarly understood by only a few.

What counts is the now, now. And the now, now, is you reading these lines at INSIDE NUSA.

Browse through us and enjoy us. Read our FEATURE ARTICLE, read SOUL TALK, or read NUSA FICTION – SURF STORIES. Check our nusa store featuring stylish and original surf and casual wear: nusa (for men) and debali (for women). Check Vince hollow balsa wood boards with life warranty and then come by the store to ride our demo boards. Check our batik boards and fins, our organic wax, our art and our books.

When you are done with it all, think if you enjoyed us. If you did, then that now that became a past now, of which this now is part of, was a good now. Then think about your new, fresh now sitting in your hands and make it another good now until you come to us again to enjoy another now full of good nows on which we will be, now – as you read -, working for you.

We told you, time in Bali does some crazy weird stuff.

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