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This ending rainy season may prove to be one to remember. A few factors will contribute to place it in the annals of the Bukit’s recent surf history. The quality and quantity of swells will probably not be one of them. Even if we have had, so far, quite consistent surf and one very good and big swell in January, the waves will not be it. It will be remembered by (this is normal) crowded previously-semi-secret spots. It will also be remembered by (this is not normal) weather that went dry season on us for over two weeks. And it will also be remembered by (this is surreal) a group of Italians claiming a Bukit spot as their own.

Those of us on the Bukit that were at the end of the year 2012 anxiously waiting for the green to turn greener than green, for the winds to turn west, for the right-handers -and one or other left- to turn onto lines, walls and caves slamming the reefs, and for the crowds to turn inexistent as we surf semi-known beautiful spots surrounded by the green cliffs and the heavy stormy skies with a handful of surfers out, those of us, I say, were in for a spiritual surf season where there are no hassles in the water, where you feel at harmony with nature, where you sense the good vibe in the line-up and where you know this is the Bali surf you love.

Or were we?

  1. In a way, normal:

So indeed the green has turned greener than green, the winds had turned west, the right handers had turned on into beautiful glassy waves, but the crowds, oh Gods, they are now officially and de facto part of the rainy season. The semi-secret spots are no more. You know how it is. You know that if you take friends (or acquaintances) to a lesser-known spot, it is just a matter of time before it becomes common knowledge. Every new season you see surfers bringing friends and friends of friends (just like you do) to those spots and you know that every new season may prove the one that draws the line between the before and the after. The one between peaceful surfing and stressful surfing. The one between soul surfing and combat surfing. And you dread it. The good news is: dread no more, that season has arrived. Start getting used to it.

  1. Not normal:

For over two weeks in January and February the winds blew from the east and conditions were almost dry-season like. That, in a way, was good. Not only because we all like to also surf the world-class waves of the west of the Bukit, but also because there would be days were there were changing winds throughout the day and tuned in surfers were able to score unbelievable waves on both coasts. Ulus, Bingin, Balangan, Impossibles and more were, to everyone’s amazement, consistently delivered beautiful shoulder to high waves in the middle of the rainy season. And since the crowds had more waves to go around, many of us shared spots with just a bunch in beautiful, glassy conditions.

  1. Surreal:

Italians claim Bukit surf spot as their own. It’s name: “Pizza spot”
Surreal indeed.
Read this and judge for yourselves.

My Australian mate (let’s call him “B”) went surfing one of those previously semi-known spots in January. He paddled out, like he had been doing for many wet seasons. He made it to the line-up like he had also been doing for many wet seasons. And he sat quietly waiting for his wave like he had been doing, also, for many wet seasons. This time however, he found himself surrounded by a bunch of never-seen before mean-looking guys with the most unwelcome glare.

A mean glare was not enough. They paddled around him, they dropped in on him, and they took off too deep to make the wave yet yelled it out anyway.

They surfed the spot like they owned it.

“B” would soon find out they did.

Or so they think.

Having had enough, “B” dropped in on one of them. The guy was for the umpteenth time taking off again too deep and he wasn’t going to make it. “B”went for it.

What followed back on the line up was an unbelievable amount of threats, bulging eyes, neck veins about to burst and the worst intimidation “B” has ever encountered in Bali.


The surf hoodlums took it a bit further and ordered him out of the water. That’s right. Out of the water.

“Disspotaizanaitalianspota”, the whole bunch yelled at him.
“Excuse me?” “B” asked.
“Dis iz-a an-a Italian spot-a. Go in-a and do not-a com back-a”.

“This is a-WHAT spot, again?”

May the Gods be with us.

*This story is true as recounted to us. Dialogues and captions, however, are fictional and intended to highlight the humor in the surrealism of a situation that is serious in nature. We hope the reader is able to appreciate the humor.

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  1. It’s someone else’s break…… Namely the Locals! So they own it. We are visitors, so act the way you should in someone else’s home. Or go back home and have fun with your brothers and your shitty waves. Italy only gets wind swell anyway, same as the Brasillians with their lame ass beachies. The land of the Gods is about having fun and sharing, leave your attitudes and ignorence at home.

  2. Well I have had the same crap from Auzzies and Americans` There are many Italians here who are fun to surf with,same as many Usa many auzzies and kiwis and french . Everybody just needs to share . We are all the same!! we love surfin. Peace and respect one another!

  3. I have meny Italian friends, and all of them are very good and know how to hang with other nationality. very sad attitude these guys are. Surf trip are have to be laern something from respect other people.

  4. As italian i feel ashamed of those ass holes.unfortunately is full of those dickheads around nowdays,and not only italians.they surfed bali for some time now so they act like they own the place:surf is changing unfortunately!

  5. You better be named Made ,Wayan ,Ketut, Nyomen , before you play that B.S. Cant wait to meet these clowns, Wont prevoke but will set them strait. Or ? meet Komang my bro.

  6. Outsurf them, outsmart them. Never heard that crew claim it was their spot, they did try to act like it sometimes… Erroneous claims wither under displays of local knowledge and skill.

  7. donta messa wit da sicilians…just take away their pasta…don’t tell me there aren’t worse people in the water… the italians just have to have it explained..

  8. I was there whit some brazilian surfers and the same thing happened… but thank’s for the “agro” brazilian way the “italian local” got punched in the face to don’t talk shit anymore… haha kooks…

  9. Ha ha, hard to believe! They probably come up from Canggu or Echo, looking for a better home? Cazzo…., if the invasion persists will bring out the battle ship…..:-)

  10. I surf that spot for 3 years with only a few guys. We called the place Pizza Point . Its a nice 3 to 4 foot fun left and very suitable for euro surfing . Its all over now in Bali with big crowds.

    • yes its called pasta point- and most of them stay at a very nice place nearby which is run by a great guy who makes the best pizza in Bali .A dreadlocked ITALIAN with average surf skills and a few of his minions think they own this spot– repeatedly dropped in on my son Ben , Rio .,and Febri aka “biawak ” …–lets hope they are more courteous this wet season -it would be very easy to bring a few of the Bali Boys out to “pasta point ” and sort things out- or perhaps stop by the hotel nearby where they all stay at and enjoy a cold beer and authentic pizza with the new locals……