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MEMO FROM SURFING | Corto de surf

sábado, mayo 3, 2014 21 Comments 27 Likes
Likes 21 Comments

MEMO FROM SURFING | Corto de surf

¿Qué hacer cuando la prensa surf abusa de poder?

Mick Jagger envía un memo en nombre del surf a los malvados de la prensa surf. Míralo. Porque el surf no es solo surf.

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 Corto de Surf

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  1. I swear The Drifter might have been half decent had Nathan Myers not got involved. His cheesy scripting and narrative trying to create a Rob ‘the Drifter’ Machado turned what might have otherwise been an interesting surf story into lots of poor attempts at ‘profound quotes to be remembered for’, with far too few waves ridden. Oh well, «it’s only surfing» 😉

  2. It is not the first time this has happened or the last. Look at the situation they have caused with Otis Carey. Then they send out a public apology that was not an apology but a more of a finger pointing at Carey. Money is all they care about and now someone has put the squeeze on them. Oh how the roles have reversed.

  3. Right on, man. Thanks for the film – stoked to see it! I guess media is still media, trying to create the best narrative regardless of what’s being covered, surfing or otherwise. Always have to dig deeper to find the truth because nothing is really as it seems (or presented). It’s good to connect with people who have some common sense instead of simply believing everything we’re told.