Ras, ras. Ras, ras. | Cuento de ficción surf | Literatura Surf

domingo, marzo 2, 2014 3 Comments 10 Likes
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Ras, ras. Ras, ras.

(Un micro-cuento de ficción surf inspirada en bali – surf – life)


Cielos más azules que azul, una moto barullenta, una pequeña sierra, y dos hombres aprenden de si mismos.

(cuento de literatura ficción surf)

Likes 3 Comments

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  1. one of those silly little moments in life put so beautifully into a story. so often we read/write about «big» things, out of the ordinary things. we get caught up in our routine and go through life almost seeking those extraordinary moments, passing by those little «simple» moments as if they are insignificant. this story reminds me to be present and appreciate each moment in the moment.