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Richard E. Lewis. Surfer, surf explorer, story-teller, writer. Born and raised in Bali.

Richard E. Lewis and “Bones of the Dark Moon”

Friday, October 25, 2019 2 Comments 7 Likes

“I’m pretty much a story-teller, not a historian or philosopher. But I did want to present a balanced perspective as I saw it during those events (which I lived through as a boy); between the official Indonesian government version of national heroes rising up and saving the country from the perils of communism and the conspiracy (and some academic) versions that it was all masterminded by the CIA.”


Rafel López Saubidet

Rafael López Saubidet, 1958

Thursday, June 30, 2016 1 Comments 9 Likes

Rafa: Argentinean surfer and painter. At 50 he quit his city life to devote himself to surfing and painting. He is now innovating surf and casual fashion. He wants you to wrap you up in his art.



Sean Gilhooley Australia, 1968

Monday, March 16, 2015 0 Comments 5 Likes

“You know, everyone has different ideas on what to do, but getting those ideas happening is the difficult part… It’s like everyone that comes to Bali has the idea of making a t-shirt but… you know, I have respect for people that actually do things…You make that t-shirt, you know? It is hard to have original ideas as well, but it’s a lot harder to have them and do them. A bit of Soul Talk with Bali resident and INDO creator Sean Gilhooley, on INDO, on the present and future of the Indonesian and Asian Pro tour, on making films and on having respect for people with ideas and the will to materialize them


Bobby Gómez California, 1977

Monday, March 16, 2015 2 Comments 10 Likes

“I was in a kind of schedule on that [SUP] trip, so I would paddle really hard from early in the morning until after sunset, sometimes. At one point, I spent the night on a floating structure out in the water, woke up at two in the morning with the moon rise and paddled through the night into the day and into the next night.”An interview on Bobby’s pursuit of happiness through days-long stand-up paddle trips around Bali and Indonesia all along shredding some secret spots, shedding some luggage and helping a little girl find her footing.

Ignacio Bussy

Ignacio Bussy Argentina, 1974

Monday, March 16, 2015 4 Comments 7 Likes

“I don’t come here to surf anymore. I have a wife and three kids and I come to Indonesia to work. I’m lucky if I get a surf on Sundays”. Businessman Ignacio owes much to Bali. Is he grateful?  A love-hate relationship with Bali. What Bali’s given him, what he’s given back to Bali.