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Boletin Diário de Ondas em Vídeo Câmera de Surf Bali

Segunda, Fevereiro 19, 2018 99 Comments 413 Likes
Likes You may like only once 99 Comments

Um boletin diário das ondas surf cam em Bali (Bukit)

Filmado com câmera de video para voce escolher onde surfar.

Na temporada seca filmamos Bingin, IMpossibles, Dreamland e Padang Padang (quando quebra). E filmamos Nusa Dua e às vezes Green Balls na temporada de chuvas.
A sua câmera de surf mais fiável e com mais ação da Báli.

Likes You may like only once 99 Comments

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  1. Is there a new (non surfer) filming the waves lately , for example today .., a 2:08 minute clip in total, but with 1:56 minutes filmed in areas that that nothing to do with the break of nusa dua .., and then12 seconds of sloppy crud is filmed on the break (without even waiting for a set to film) – and its given a 3 star rating instead of negative 10 ? .., not complaining its free. Maybe come friendly guidance to the camera man is required, as it is the same effort involved to make the clips worthwhile – just saying 🙂

  2. Your videos are much appreciated – thanks. I can be either be much more or much less productive now each day as the video either encourages me to get on with work or drop everything and get out there.

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  3. Good tip, I checked your YouTube archive and it is really interesting to see the changing conditions .. sort of like time lapse videography so thanks for that. I have to head back to the freezer compartment (vic, Aus ) but now will enviously be checking your daily reports from home. cheers

  4. Thanks for your report. You saved me time by not having to check conditions for myself and it meant there was one less car fanging down the road. BUT There’ll be trouble if I find out it was actually pumping and you put up an archive video of flat conditions so you could have uncrowded waves to yourself?!?! nah all good, thanks again

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  5. It looks like the onshore wind which is usual in the wet season hasn’t come this year. All the Forecasts suggest SE wind. Is this true, has it been a strange year for wind?

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    • Yes. Very strange. They say it’s related to “El Niño – La Niña” weather transformations. It rained a bit in December and then it hasn’t rained at all. Normally we would be in full on wet season… Goofy footers are relishing. Regular footers are waking up early to find some right-handers with glassy conditions.

    • Wind can come from any direction and change at any time of the day (as it has) . This year due to the el nino, the wind is all over the place and is unpredictable more than ever …., You will find It’s always offshore at the beach “Bar” though :p

    • Are you referring to today’s report on the 14/Sept/15, Brian? If so, maybe your computer is playing a trick on you so it is not showing first panning take of Impossibles and Bingin? So it is not showing that there is nobody at Impossibles? So it is not showing that Bingin is good? So it is not showing a surfer getting a deep barrel at Bingin? We would hardly call that guy a beginner. Too bad our hard work is not of your liking, Brian.

    • Hi monkey. There’s been a few times where we got the dates mixed up but definitely not many. It could be that your browser is opening the page’s cache. Try clearing your browser’s cache and then refresh the page. That should do the trick. This link may help: Thanks for the support levi.

  6. The other day Kenny came by the shop: “I check your video reports every morning from where I stay in nusa dua, and since I need a pair of boardshorts I figured I would stop by your shop and support you guys. And man, you guys have some awesome stuff here”. Thanks Kenny. Show us your support guys. Like and Share our site, like our posts on fb and share them too. And come by nusa store to say hi and check what we do. Cheers to all! nusa team

  7. Its a comedy to see how many idiots either paddle in front of a surfer riding a wave (because they are too lazy to go behind the up and riding surfer and duckdive through the whitewater) …,and then these idiots get run over in the process ….., or the other comedy is seeing how many other idiots down the the line will paddle for someone else,s wave thus causing the lip to prematurely crumble and ruin the guys wave in the process – Take note Eggheads !

  8. We have recently moved to a server located in the United States to provide all our international viewers with a faster download experience. Your feedback is very important to us! Please let us know if you notice a download difference and tell us where you are located. Thanks. Peace.

  9. We are testing to post Your Surf Video Report from the Bukit, Bali in different formats. Apparently today’s (10-july) is not working with some browsers even if our research guaranteed it would… Let us know if it is working with your browser.

    • Thanks for the input Trevor. Strange, we can view it quite fast here and like you said it is Bali connection (however the server is also in Bali). But we will try your suggestion to see the results.

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