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Sean Gilhooley Australia, 1968

Sean Gilhooley is a 45 year old Australian who’s been surfing since he was 15 and living in Bali for the past 6 years. Precisely in Bali is where he kick-started his careers as a surf videographer, first videoing surfers from a warung at Ulu’s, then onto working for the Indonesian Pro Tour, and making an incursion, now, with INDO, into more ambitious projects. Released at the beginning of 2013, INDO is his very first debut as a surf film maker, earning him recognition and fans in Indonesia and abroad. Having learned from mentors Jack McCoy and Matty Guy and from some of the best surf photographers living in Bali, plus countless hours of self-teaching and research through the Internet and his own trial and error experience, Sean went for it. We met for a little Soul Talk.

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Bobby Gómez California, 1977


Bobby is a thirty-five-year-old surfer from Corvallis, Oregon, United States, who‘s been living in Bali for two years. He has a degree in marine fisheries resources management and has worked with teenagers at a Wild Life Refuge. In Bali he earns his living by tutoring kids. He also has an innate desire to help people in need as well as a restless penchant to be in the wild and to pursue a simple life devoid of luxuries like cell phones. Both passions have taken him on stand-up paddle tours around the Moluccas and around Bali. We sat down for a coffee and to hear his insights on bali – surf – life, God, Love, Human Nature and paddling from sun up to sun down.

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Ignacio Bussy

Ignacio Bussy Argentina, 1974

Ignacio Bussy is a goofy-footer from Argentina, lives in Uruguay, and has a sandal-manufacturing and export business in Bali. His line of work brings him twice or three times out of the year to Bali. He also travels to the U.S. where he markets his products and back to Uruguay where he lives and kite-surfs (Uruguay having much better conditions for kite than for wave surfing). An old friend of ours, we caught up with him for our first SURFER PROFILE to hear some of his bule insights on Bali.

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