Kelly Slater's Political Views


Tuesday, February 16, 2016 0 Comments 11 Likes

A recent interview conducted by showed a side of Kelly Slater that, to our knowledge, was never before shown to the general public. Slater dishes out his thoughts, opinions and political views on a range of topics. From Monsanto activities in Hawaii to mainstream media, from 9/11 to US wars, from terrorism to religious discrimination. Take a look into the political mind of the world´s most admired surfer whose surfing has been marveling the planet for decades.

Memo From Surfing | Short surf film | nusa films

MEMO FROM SURFING | Surf short film

What to do when the surf media abuses its power?

Mick Jagger sends a memo on surfing’s behalf to the wicked surf media. Watch. Because surfing is not only surfing. nusa films

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